Launched in November 2015, RISE’s core and most comprehensive network represents a collaboration between nine high schools across eight districts in Connecticut to support educators striving to ensure all students graduate college and career ready. RISE members include teachers, school counselors, school leaders, and district administrators. As a community, we are built by educators for educators. Our specific focus is around high school-age youth; as a Network, RISE educators are implementing strategies to improve college and career readiness, access, and success. To learn more about RISE, visit our main website here.


The RISE data dashboards reflect the vision and collective expertise of teachers, school administrators, and central office leaders in Connecticut. The RISE Data Working Group met to identify classroom, school, and district needs for more user-friendly and timely information. RISE facilitated a design prototyping process informed by this needs analysis. Educators developed specifications for data tools and visualizations, focusing on key functionality and user needs. RISE created secure beta tools based on these specifications, and the Working Group improved their features and functionality through feedback and iteration. The data dashboards are now being shared with additional educators, allowing for continued tool development, improvement, and refinement.


The collaborative design process focused on six key design principles. RISE seeks to improve data access, integration, functionality, and security, and promote action in support of student learning. Information previously housed in disparate systems are now integrated and accessible to educators, consistent with best practices for protecting data security while improving educational outcomes for all students. Reflecting the collaborative and innovative spirit of the RISE Network, educators are constantly improving the dashboards to better meet the needs of educators and students.

Access:  Provide educators with access to timely and relevant information necessary to support and personalize student learning.

Integration: Connect data housed in multiple, disconnected source systems, allowing for holistic and one-stop analyses.

Focus: Prioritize key performance indicators and displays with immediate utility and connections to evidence-based research.

Functionality: Provide educators with user-friendly tools that simultaneously spark questions and provide new insights.

Security: Maintain the highest standards for student privacy, allowing educators to access data through secure means.

Action: Provide educators and teams with tools that facilitate collaboration, problem solving, and personalized supports.


“Data tools are timely, and like all RISE tools, will be utilized tomorrow.”
“[RISE is] the best and most valuable opportunity our district has had since I began working here.”
“I love having the ability to work with my own team to use the dashboard to see our own student data.”
“The dashboard is incredible. I am very grateful to have it! Big step forward!”
“This makes me a better instructional leader. I cannot get enough!”
“I am privileged to be a part of RISE!!”
“I am thrilled to have access to the amazing data portal. I’m so appreciative of the team’s efforts.”
“Inspiring, empowering. One of the best things that has happened to our school.”
“It is motivating to have a group who is investing in me and cheering me on.”